Data analysis & stewardship

Hands-on programme with four major pillars in the framework of data analysis and data stewardship: FAIR data stewardship, statistics, omics data analysis, and machine learning.

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The industry in Life Sciences is and will increasingly become a crucial piece of the economy for both Flanders and the Netherlands. Well trained individuals in the region are indispensable for the workforce, so the types of training available must be tailored to the needs of the surrounding companies. The volume of information and data will only increase as more developments are made in life sciences, a clear indication of the importance of data analysis and stewardship for companies. The Helis Academy has chosen data analysis and stewardship as one of their targets for training and broken it down to four specific topics: omics data analysis, statistics, FAIR data stewardship, and machine learning.

Omics data analysis

Transcriptomics data analysis / multi-omics integration. View the programme here.

FAIR data stewardship

Data management planning / Research life cycle. View the programme here.


Statistical thinking / Experimental design. View the programme here.

Machine learning

Visual analytics / Data mining & deep learning. View the programme here.


DTL, Maastricht University, TU Eindhoven & VIB


Ministerie van Economische zaken, Provincie Antwerpen, Provincie Limburg & Provincie Noord-Brabant