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The Helis Academy strives to optimise the Life Sciences and Health sector in Flanders and the Netherlands. The Helis Academy focuses on the development and coordination of appropriate training, internships and traineeships in the Life Sciences and Health sector by matching companies' job requirements and profiles to curricula and develops new training programs where needed. In this way, the academy increases the industry-readiness of life scientists. 

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The Helis Academy provides programs in the domains indicated below

This way, the participants acquire complementary competences and the academy people 'graduate' the Academy with knowlegde of specific domains.

Good manufacturing practices (GMP)

During these hands-on GMP training courses the participants can develop their knowledge and skills in the field of aseptic methods, procedures and equipment.

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Clinical testing

Clinical research is an important domain of healthcare sciences. Clinical trials are the main part of clinical research. In clinical trials the safety and effectiveness of new medicines, diagnostic products and medical devices are determined prior to release on the market. 

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Data analysis & stewardship

The role of data analysis and data stewardship in life science fields will only increase, so you need to be ready! These courses offer you the chance to become industry-ready by providing hands-on lessons in four major pillars of data analysis and data stewardship: FAIR data stewardship, statistics, omics data analysis, and machine learning.

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Business development

During this on-the-job development programme professionals in commercial roles will learn about topics such as negotiation, finance, IP, contracts, communication, company strategy.

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Technology & life sciences

Are you curious about the impact of (bio)technology on health (care) of humans, animals or plants? This applied training submerges you further in the professional world of (bio)technology.

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Product & process design

The HELIS Academy PDEng Designer Programme trains and educates top level (inter)national MSc graduates to certified designers (PDEng degree) for key technological innovation positions in product and process design in the Life Sciences and Health industry.

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