Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

During these hands-on GMP training courses the participants can develop their knowledge and skills in the field of aseptic methods, procedures and equipment.

GMP Course HELIS Academy

The manufacturing of medicines is a profession with its own challenges, as medicines must meet high standards; a very clean production environment and strict quality controls are a must. The guidelines for medicine manufacturing have been established under the name Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This course covers all essential aspects of GMP in (bio)pharmaceutical production.

To ensure that the content is optimally suited to the target group, this course is divided into 2 knowledge and experience levels:

Level 1 is meant for starters in the Health & Life Science industry. This course introduces participants to the industry and the production of medicines. The course is a first step to prepare them for a job in the production, packaging or quality control of medicines. Take a look at the course in The Netherlands.

Level 2 focuses on academics (BSc, MSc, PhD and postdoc) and professionals who have studied a subject in Life Sciences, but have no experience with GMP production. The course is a sound preparation for jobs in production, quality control, analytical method development and formulation development. This course van be followed both in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Take a look at the content of the course in The Netherlands or in Belgium.

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