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During this 8 month on-the-job development programme professionals in commercial roles will learn about topics such as negotiation, finance, IP, contracts, communication, company strategy.

Business Development

BioBusiness Accelerator Programme

What is TAP BioBusiness?

Talent Accelerator Programme for BioBusiness (TAP BioBusiness) is an intensive training programme of eight months in which junior biobusiness professionals can learn in a group of peers from experienced executives, experts and each other by means of inspiring experience stories, training, coaching and consultative sessions. The aim is to accelerate the learning curve of these young professionals and thereby enhance the growth and supply of BioBusiness professionals for the Dutch and Belgian Life Sciences & Health sector. 

Why participate? 

TAP BioBusiness will help you to develop quickly in your commercial role in Life Sciences. Whether you are a Business Developer in a biotech/pharma/CMO/CRO, a tech transfer officer at a research institute, financial analyst at a VC or a starting entrepreneur, through this program you will become more effective and productive in your role at an earlier stage, benefiting both your own career and your organization. 

In a small-scale setting you will learn from experienced BioBusiness executives, experts and trainers but also from the successes and mistakes of your peers. The intensive programme offers knowledge and insights, inspiring experience stories, interactive feedback sessions, practical case studies and 1-on-1 mentoring by seasoned BioBusiness executives with successful track records. The participants will receive advice and feedback regarding the issues they face at work and how to handle these challenges, projects and business relations. The size of the group is kept small to ensure optimal interaction. 

After the TAP BioBusiness training programme, the participants will not only have increased their knowledge and insights, enhanced their personal soft skills, but have also expanded their network with a diverse mix of BioBusiness professionals from the Netherlands and Belgium, coming in handy in their line of job.

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