Technology & life sciences

Are you curious about the impact of (bio)technology on health (care) of humans, animals or plants? This applied training submerges you further in the professional world of (bio)technology.

The field of technology and life sciences is a fast-paced, international field that is driven by innovative solutions. It uses a diversity of technological developments in its continuous quest to improve both health (care) of humans, animals and plants. Interestingly, the complementarity of the technologies that are being used results in a broad number of applications in healthcare, animal care and agriculture. For example, diagnostic tests are being created and optimised, leading to a faster identification of diseases or shortages. Furthermore, curative treatments and therapies are also being developed and refined.

As final year student or graduate it is a major challenge to wrap your head around the job market in the field of technology and life sciences. Your bachelor, master or PhD degree is the key to a large variety of positions that are often named differently. As a consequence, people often choose (too) quickly for the most obvious option. Do you want to improve your self-knowledge? Do you need a guide in the professional labyrinth of technology and life sciences? Do you want to start you first job with more confidence? In this case, this training might be the right choice for you.

During this training, you are submerged in a diversity of positions within a variety of companies in the field of technology and life sciences. You will be able to test your knowledge and experience in the company. You will be able to talk with professionals about their job and about the professional choices they have made. Talk to these people and learn from their experience. Maybe you realise that your perfect job is a job you never heard about. Maybe you realise that you first need to obtain another degree before you start your professional career. Maybe you realise that you would love to work in an international environment. Who knows that you will discover a (bio)tech company that is situated closely to where you live?

Learn more about yourself by getting to know new people.

Technology & Life Sciences Training

Day 1: Introduction
Day 2 – 6: Company project & visit

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If you cross the border to live, work, study or do business in Belgium, Germany or the Netherlands, you will have to deal with rules and obligations in that country. But it is not always clear what this means for you personally. What should you arrange, what are the consequences of emigration or cross-border work? Border information point provides answers to these and other questions.


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